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Terra Remota

When visiting the Terra Remota Bodega for the first time you are firstly impressed by the natural beauty of the vineyards as you travel along the narrow road to the winery buildings.

Once at the buildings you know immediately that this Bodega has something special to offer with a purpose built Bodega which is completely integrated into the landscape. Local trees, shrubs and plants enable this large building to melt into the surroundings.

As the name suggests Terra Remota - (Remote Earth) encompasses what this family owned winery is about. Founded by  Marc and Emma Bournazeau they set out to make innovative wines of the highest quality while embracing all that is naturally good from these isolated vineyards, situated in the extreme North of the Emproda Region.

The Bournazeau's were born in France but are of Spanish decent. The family fled Franco's regime by moving to Perpignan and the family often explain their move back and development of Terra Remota as "their return from exile"

Everything about this vineyard is eco-friendly with an emphasis on using industrial machinery as little as possible, using  gravity to move the grapes throughout the vinification process, the careful hand selection of grapes and the sloping roofs and driveways that are designed to collect and recycle rainwater.

The Estate has 40 hectares of which 24 are cultivating vines with the rest left in its natural state to preserve the environment.

In the mixed Touraine are found the perfect conditions to cultivate the following vines:  Red Grenache, White Grenache, Tempranillo , Syrah, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.

Once the land and climate has given the wonderful natural juice to these grapes, they are harvested and  it is up to the skilful wine making team of Terra Remota to produce their stunning wines which are winning high acclaim throughout  the world of wine.: www.terraremota.com.


Oliver Conti

Founded in 1991 by brothers Xavier and Jordi Oliver Conti this winery was set up to fulfil their dream of evolving from wine enthusiasts to wine makers.

They embraced the help of Dr.Crespy, Professor of Agronomical Engineering at the University of Montpellier and top Oenologists Ana Martin.

This team are united in producing innovative wines of consistently high quality that express all that is good about the Emporda Region. 

The granitic soils on their 15 hectares of vineyards situated on the slopes of the Alberes Mountains are wind swept by the famous Tramontana winds. Although a harsh enviroment certain grape vine thrive in the area. Whites are made from Gewurztraminer, Macabeo & Muscat and the reds from interesting blends of Grenache Tinto, Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot & Cabernet Franc.

The resulting wines have great expression of fruits, complexity and depth with long and fulfilling finish. They wines are wonderful to drink on their own however they step into another dimension when paired up with food. www.oliverconti.com



Owned by two young entrepreneurs La Vinyeta is a dynamic and exciting Bodega in DO Empordà. Its owners, Josep and Marta are young and full of exciting ideas with a high emphasis on care to the enviroment. They originally set up with just 4 hectares of old vines located in Mollet de Peralada. They quickly established new vineyards in the surrounding areas and 2006 they built their cellar and winery.

Their first wines were very well received and each year have continued to gain great acclaim and awards. Not afraid to be adventurous and bold with their wine making and producing interesting eye-catching labels for the wines. www.lavinyeta.es


Coll de Roses

Coll de Roses is a wine  estate located in the very heart of the Costa Brava, nestled

between the Empordà Plain and the Albera Mountain Range, close to the Pyrenees. The wines produced here are a faithful reflection both of the majestic character of the magnificent manor house, situated in the town of Roses, which has watched over these vines for centuries, and the mild Mediterranean climate.

The Coll de Roses vineyards are located on the edge of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. This gives the winery high altitude vineyards which slope downwards to the beautiful coastal plains of the Mediterranean.

At Coll de Roses welcome visitors who can discover the delights of this producer first hand. There is also a superb Wine Family Museum,which demonstrates the historic traditions

of the area and takes visitors on a journey through the wine production process. www.vinscollderoses.com



Part of this historic wine estate dates back to 1764 which is verified by the date over the lintel stone that welcomes you above the door as you enter. It was however in 1948 when Josph Oliveda Casanovas and wife Rigua Ros transformed the winery into a commercial  producer of still wine and Cava wines.

The Estate was restructured ten years ago to keep abreast of the innovative direction that all of the Emporda region was heading.

New Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vines were introduced and new viticultural methods were employed to maintain and improve the existing native varieties such as Garnacha & Cariñena.

All of this investment has put Bodegas Oliveda into the perfect position, producing a range of award winning wines that retain all that was good from the past but have a modern slant, with expressive depth of fruit, sophistication and complexity.   www.grupoliveda.com



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