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Catalonia Wines (Catalunya in Catalan and Cataluña in Spanish)

In 1999 this fiercely proud region in the North East of Spain was granted full Denomination of Origin (DO) status for its wine production. This Catalunya DO stretches from Comarca Montsia, situated to the South of Barcelona and up to the French border in the North. It has 360 miles of Mediterranean coastline that encompasses eleven smaller DO's that produce a diversely wide range of wines and styles.

Some of these sub regions have been producing wines since pre Roman times giving a rich tradition and history of wine making. In recent years it has been the wine producers of this area's enthusiasm  to embrace modern techniques and technology, while retaining their natural potential and traditions, that is bringing the area World wide acclaim for its wines.

We at Catalan Wines have recognised the quality and diversity of wines in this region. The producers are often small, family owned Bodegas who take the greatest pride in the wines that they produce while being careful to embrace the most environmentally friendly production methods.

Our aim is to offer and develop a range of wines from this region that demonstrate the depth of quality and diversity of the area. Members of our team at Catalan Wines first visited the area 35 years ago and have watched and enjoyed the gradual development and of the quality wines on offer over the years.

These regions are wholly underrepresented in the UK wine trade and through our new website we want to make these hidden treasure available to UK wine lovers.

One of the sub regions we have particularly fallen in love with is the enticing region of Emporda in the North of Cataluña.  This area is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the World starting with the Phoenicians and Greeks who introduced viticulture around 400BC which was then carried on by the Romans. They developed the wine industry further shipping the wines back to Rome where they became firm favourites with the Roman gentry.

These days the area boasts small producers who are collectively producing a variety of innovative, eco friendly wines of the highest possible quality. We are featuring wines from five of the top producers in Emporda: Terra Remota, Oliver Conti, Colle de Roses, Lavinyeta & Oliveda.

The contribution of the microclimate and geography of Emporda presents the wine makers with an opportunity to develop an array of different grape vines. The high altitude vineyards in the foothills of the Pyrenees slope down to the coastal areas. This offers a range of "Touraine" while always in the backdrop is the blue of the Mediterranean Sea which also offers its enriching influence to the wines of Emporda.

Catalan Wines will continue to develop our wine offer from this wonderful part of Spain and introduce them on our website.  We also have an excellent range of wines from Penedes, again from smaller producers and who maintain our ethic of producing the highest quality wines.

At Catalan Wines we have also selected wines from other regions of Spain that are small production and we feel are of the highest quality and representative of the areas the hail from.

All of the producers we represent are as important to us as the wines they produce. They take the greatest pride and have a passion to develop and produce the best.  We hope you enjoy and get to know them as we have.




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